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Goodnight Bounder

Alan Parr passed away peacefully, in the wee small hours of this morning, in Mersey Park Nursing Home, he was 82 years of age. Alan Parr, better known by his nom-de-ale as Bounder, was one of those wonderful characters that are sadly disappearing from our society. His...


It's been a wee while since we last spoke and an awful lot has happened. We had the visit from the representatives of the Scottish Tourist Board, who managed to behave like a bunch of hairy arsed savages and were a wonderful shambling advert for the reconstruction of...

Here We Are Again.

Hello again my Blog Lovers, firstly an apology . This blog should have gone out on Monday but didn't due to technical problems. Given that I know as much about routers and URL as Liz Truss does about the economy I am in no position to explain what was wrong but the...

First post

First post

Hello and greetings from the Lion Tavern. At long last we have our own website, so let's hear a hearty well done for Mark Trevor from

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